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Premium PVD Salt (Pure Vacuum Dried)

Sasa Sundried Premium Iodized Salt has iodine and is 100% natural. it supplies iodine, a necessary nutrient to avoid thyroid problems and to help proper bone and brain development during mother pregnancy.

Refined Iodized Salt

Fine ground salt dissolves quickly, which is useful for marinades, soups, and dressings.

Why Sundried?

We don’t use machines or chemicals to speed the process of drying the sea water to produce the salt, we let the process take its time and the sun do its work, ensuring that the salt retains all of the important minerals that our bodies need and does not lose its benefit in the process, making Sasa iodized Salt one of the best salt brands in the world.

Red Sea Salt

The red sea is unique, due to the hot climate and lack of rain water. It is naturally one of the saltiest seas in the world, which results in premium quality salt. that can only be found in Saudi Arabia due to the unique climate.

Everyday Cooking

This wonderful sea salt is great for everyday cooking, it improves the taste and complements it wonderfully in any dish you add it in. There’s a reason it’s Saudi’s best-selling salt brand for decades, Try it for yourself and you’ll never need another salt brand again.

Sprinkle in every kitchen in Saudi Arabia


Our salt is healthy because it retains the natural balance and spectrum of essential minerals, providing the body with the necessary minerals and elements. It is completely natural and contains no additives. it is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and lab certified to be 99.7 percent pure salt. As a result, a sprinkle of Sasa iodized sea salt is a healthy addition to any dish or recipe.


Rich in Minerals

99.7% pure salt, Lab Certified


Gluten Free

We supply salt to some of the biggest Saudi food brands


We are found in 99% of the stores and in 100% of the hyper stores in Saudi Arabia.

Bulk orders

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Business solutions

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