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We are the Best Automatic Salt Refinery plant in Saudi Established in 1978.

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As the most trusted source for all-natural gourmet salt, Sasa Saudi Salt is the only salt partner you need. From the commercial kitchen and snack manufacturing to retail, our extensive selection of premium ingredient and finishing salts are carefully crafted to be of the highest quality on the market. With our large volume capacity and bulk packaging options, orders are available by the bag, pallet, or truckload for your wholesale purchasing requirements. 

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Our Story


The Sasa Saudi Automatic Salt Refinery plant established in 1978 had been upgraded a few times in order to increase the capacity to meet the increasing demand.

Upon completion of our new Salt Farm in Shiba, it will be the largest Solar Salt Farm in the Gulf Country with a total size of 4.3million m².

For generations, Saudi Automatic Salt Refinery has become part of people’s lives and has become one of the most trusted brands sprinkled in every house kitchen.

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